Data and AI
Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining and traditional Business Intelligence tools…how does it all fit together to meet your needs? Nihilent's team of data science consultants can help you select the appropriate tools and strategies to meet your needs and realize your opportunities. We’ll help you build a custom solution to meet your specialized needs, and we have experience adapting standardized methodologies to meet the needs of your organization such as: 
·         Six Sigma – Monitor processes and analyze patterns within data using tools such as multi-dimensional control charts, pareto analysis, distribution charts, and process improvement strategies
·         Lean – Use Microsoft BI and Data Science tools to minimize waste, understand causes of downtime, and maximize efficiency
·         Price Realization – Understand, analyze, and quantify the effects of price changes on products
·         Healthcare Performance Measures – Evaluate the factors impacting established healthcare performance measures such as those for Meaningful Use, Joint Commission, HEDIS, and other treatment algorithms