Designed to extend departmental and organizational intelligence, Nihilent's SightN2™ for Six Sigma Analytics is a groundbreaking solution that optimizes Six Sigma analysis for quality control and extends its function across the enterprise to help drive quality improvement. SightN2™ for Six Sigma Analytics leverages the power of combined BI and statistics to deliver key insights and efficiencies for optimizing quality control and quality assurance for immediate and long term gains.
With this solution, organizations can routinely identify critical defects and their root causes faster, in turn facilitating faster and effective resolution, and ultimately improving the bottom line and customer satisfaction. The solution offers a single version of quality truth, expedited defect discovery, streamlined analysis capabilities and easy to use self-service tools empowering staff across the enterprise to help drive quality.
Some key benefits of SightN2™ for Six Sigma Analytics include:
  • Combine Business Intelligence (BI) with Six Sigma insights for one version of quality truth
  • Integrate the power of “BI for the masses” with advanced statistical capabilities
  • Automate and expedite discovery of defects and constraints using statistical analytics
  • This solution incorporates a patented six sigma control chart automation process. U.S. Patent No. 8,838,524